Has print become a thing of the past?

You can’t beat print! That smell of a newly printed brochure, the feel of the crisp pages, the vivid colours, sinking into a brand new magazine, it’s a sensory experience that has no equal in marketing terms.

Building online presence has rightly become a marketing priority over recent years, with having a website built, a blog and social media accounts becoming the focus for many marketing teams. With this new focus, printed materials have been perhaps neglected.

With the increase of e-book devices and page-turning PDFs it is debated that the need for print may be diminishing. However, here at Hughes & Co, we believe that printed material has a new role to play; to support your online presence, give you further opportunities to make contact with your audience (how many e-shots can you send before you put your audience off?) and to capture the audience with longevity and without distraction.

An online brochure may capture your audience for a moment but a physical copy of your brochure may sit on their desks for weeks, months or even years, reminding your customer of the services that you offer and acting as a reference tool. There is also anecdotal evidence that because the amount of items we are receiving by post is diminishing, those items that do arrive get more attention and have greater perceived value.

Printed material need not solely act as a sales tool, it can be an ideal platform for sharing information, driving traffic to your website and letting your clients know about awards you have won or sharing ideas and expressing your expertise. Put print back into your marketing mix.

At Hughes & Co we have a huge amount of experience in supplying print to our clients, from business cards and stationery, through to product catalogues, promotional postcards and flyers. Our buying power and knowledge mean you can leave your print requirements in safe hands and know that your going to get the best value, a quality job, delivered on-time and without any hassle.