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Why Doodling is great for everyone – Not Just Creatives

You probably don’t doodle intentionally. But somehow, whenever you find yourself with a writing instrument in hand any whitespace in you notebook seems to fill up with squiggles. But while many of us consider our doodling to be a distraction, […]

Image is Everything

Meet Bill, the Context Free Photography Magazine Annual publication Bill describes itself as “prioritising visual reading without distraction”. In other words this magazine-come-photobook sets zero context, upholding the capacity that pictures and images speak for themselves.  With each edition, creative director, […]

Understanding Creative Agencies

Have you ever used or considered using the services of a creative agency? In fact, lets start off with an even more rudimentary question: does anyone really know what a creative agency is? The truth is, many businesses claim to […]

Wordless Internet?

Before you ask, no we haven’t gone completely mad! If you’ve ever wanted to browse a wordless internet, you’re not alone. Yes we literally mean turning the internet into a massive picture book! Martin Grasser shares your woes (and aspirations). […]

The Importance of Colour

When creating marketing materials, from logo to website, colour is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the design process. Some of the world’s most memorable colours in the marketing world are thanks to brands like Cadbury’s with […]

100 Years of Bauhaus – But What on Earth is it?

Origins Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, Bauhaus has seen a huge resurgence in popular culture. From its humble origins in the late 19th century, this movement has firmly earned its place in the creative history of man. The term Bauhaus is […]

Graphic Design & Branding Trends to Watch in 2017

Graphic Design & Branding Trends to Watch in 2017 The world of graphic design changes fast, particularly when it comes to branding, so it’s important to choose a design agency that keeps in touch with the latest trends – and […]