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Image is Everything

Meet Bill, the Context Free Photography Magazine Annual publication Bill describes itself as “prioritising visual reading without distraction”. In other words this magazine-come-photobook sets zero context, upholding the capacity that pictures and images speak for themselves.  With each edition, creative director, […]

5 Great Publications

In the UK, of the top 10 best selling publications, 7 are women’s weeklies or monthlies and the remaining 3 are TV listings magazines. In at number 1 is the TV Choice selling over a million copies in 2018 with […]

Print Isn’t Dead

There is a common misconception that print is dead, buried and never to be seen again. In the UK we have watched printed publications; national and regional, small and large cease to trade, less junk mail through our letterboxes and […]

Never Mind Post-Truth – Get Ready for Post-Digital

Digital marketing methods have grown and become ever more dominant over the past 5-10 years. As well as website and email marketing, mobile marketing has become increasingly important, together with social media channels. But now key industry trend spotters are […]

Christmas comes early for Hughes & Co Design

Christmas may just have come early for Hughes & Co Design – shiny new iMacs have arrived and are ready to be set up over the next few days. These are just a small part of our ongoing investment plans to help […]

Is Direct Marketing Dead?

The short answer to this question is No – direct marketing is very far from dead, according to Colchester marketing agency Hughes & Co Design. But why? How can printed paper advertising and snail mail possibly compete in an age […]

Sending the Right Message with Quality Signage

If you own a business then you will certainly understand the importance of clear branded business signage. The first impression that your customers get of your business will most likely be a lasting one, so it is now more important […]

DIY Graphic Design vs Professional Graphic Design

Would you cut your own hair? Would you perform surgery on yourself? Or would you make your own petrol? There are some things in life that you just wouldn’t attempt to do yourself. Regardless of whether you knew what you […]

Keeping Your design project on track

It’s a well-known fact, you are not going to reap the benefits of your design project until it’s finished. Here are five things that commonly cause project delays and how to keep your design project on track. 1. Check-in and […]

Has print become a thing of the past?

You can’t beat print! That smell of a newly printed brochure, the feel of the crisp pages, the vivid colours, sinking into a brand new magazine, it’s a sensory experience that has no equal in marketing terms. Building online presence […]