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100 Years of Bauhaus – But What on Earth is it?

Origins Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, Bauhaus has seen a huge resurgence in popular culture. From its humble origins in the late 19th century, this movement has firmly earned its place in the creative history of man. The term Bauhaus is […]

Print Isn’t Dead

There is a common misconception that print is dead, buried and never to be seen again. In the UK we have watched printed publications; national and regional, small and large cease to trade, less junk mail through our letterboxes and […]

Understanding the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

As more companies seek to exploit the Internet as a platform for commerce and advertising, the stakes have never been higher to have a totally functional, intuitive and customer focussed site. Understanding the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance: Over the last […]

Graphic Design & Branding Trends to Watch in 2017

Graphic Design & Branding Trends to Watch in 2017 The world of graphic design changes fast, particularly when it comes to branding, so it’s important to choose a design agency that keeps in touch with the latest trends – and […]

Hughes & Co Design Shortlisted at Travel Marketing Awards 2017

Hughes & Co Design have been shortlisted in the 2017 Travel Marketing Awards’ ‘Best Direct Marketing (Print)’ category. Travel Marketing Awards is an industry-renowned event that celebrates the most innovative and accomplished work in travel marketing. The ‘Best Direct Marketing […]

Christmas comes early for Hughes & Co Design

Christmas may just have come early for Hughes & Co Design – shiny new iMacs have arrived and are ready to be set up over the next few days. These are just a small part of our ongoing investment plans to help […]

Is Direct Marketing Dead?

The short answer to this question is No – direct marketing is very far from dead, according to Colchester marketing agency Hughes & Co Design. But why? How can printed paper advertising and snail mail possibly compete in an age […]

Making the most of your social media

Managing a social media account can seem a very daunting task; from DMs to hashtags, emojis to gifs, social media has opened up a new wave of communication for individuals and business alike. Knowing how to utilise social media, and […]

Responsive Web Design – What You Need to Know

Responsive web design has become the standard way of designing websites over the past couple of years, as a way of ensuring that a site is readable and usable on a range of viewing devices, from smartphones to large PC […]