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Why Doodling is great for everyone – Not Just Creatives

You probably don’t doodle intentionally. But somehow, whenever you find yourself with a writing instrument in hand any whitespace in you notebook seems to fill up with squiggles. But while many of us consider our doodling to be a distraction, […]

5 reasons why branding is important for your business

Branding is a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to a company. Good branding plays a big part in increasing the value of a company. It can motivate employees and help acquire new customers. Branding also […]

Image is Everything

Meet Bill, the Context Free Photography Magazine Annual publication Bill describes itself as “prioritising visual reading without distraction”. In other words this magazine-come-photobook sets zero context, upholding the capacity that pictures and images speak for themselves.  With each edition, creative director, […]

Understanding Creative Agencies

Have you ever used or considered using the services of a creative agency? In fact, lets start off with an even more rudimentary question: does anyone really know what a creative agency is? The truth is, many businesses claim to […]

Wordless Internet?

Before you ask, no we haven’t gone completely mad! If you’ve ever wanted to browse a wordless internet, you’re not alone. Yes we literally mean turning the internet into a massive picture book! Martin Grasser shares your woes (and aspirations). […]

Basic SEO

First off, what does SEO even stand for? Silent elephant oscillations? Silky egg omelettes? No… It actually stands for Search engine optimisation- but what even is that? In practise, SEO is centred on the concept of increasing the quantity of […]

The Importance of Colour

When creating marketing materials, from logo to website, colour is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the design process. Some of the world’s most memorable colours in the marketing world are thanks to brands like Cadbury’s with […]

Why Bother With Pinterest for Business?

Why bother with Pinterest for Business – Reasons To Get Pinning! First off, lets look at a few numbers; there are over; 250 million active monthly users, 175 billion images and a whopping 98% of users try, buy and test […]

5 Great Publications

In the UK, of the top 10 best selling publications, 7 are women’s weeklies or monthlies and the remaining 3 are TV listings magazines. In at number 1 is the TV Choice selling over a million copies in 2018 with […]

Website Basics: Domains, Hosting & SSL

Domains: Or a “domain name” is your website name that appears in the search, or URL bar. For example, our domain is and is totally unique – a bit like a mobile number. Domains are typically anything from £5-£1000/year […]