5 top tips to develop and maintain a recognisable brand.

In a week that has seen Google announce a change to its iconic logo we thought it was a great time to talk about logos and more importantly branding.

No matter what size your company, small or large the need to develop your own brand identity is paramount in order to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Here at Hughes & Co we have a rich history of providing our clients with strong brands that build trust and loyalty between themselves and the consumer, which adds value to the clients company and ultimately generates sales.

For anyone thinking about undergoing a company facelift or think its time to invest some much-needed love into their corporate logo, we have devised a list of five top tips that we use to develop and maintain a recognisable brand.

1. Create a great logo A logo is an introduction to the brand Therefore it should reflect what the clients’ unique brand attributes are via the use of colour and marque or symbol.

2. Creative thinking – Most car logos don’t use a car, the Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an aeroplane and the apple logo is not a computer. It’s important to think creatively, the most recognisable brands provide the consumer with a lasting impression. This can be in the form of utilising the negative space surround it, (see FedEx logo) or providing a simple quirk that makes the logo interesting, yet reinstates the ethos of the company (see amazon’s logo).

3. The multi-layered logo  Much like the fore mentioned Google logo at the start of this article, logos need to appear on many devices that all need to be considered. Apps, icons, avatars all these items transcend the stable printed letterhead logo. The trick is to make your logo always contains similar components depending on where you see it.

4. Brand Identity – Consistency is key! Ensure that both visual and key messaging is clear and cohesive. Details like brand colours; font choice and spacing around your logo all provide standards that should be meet to help strengthen your brand.

5. Involve your staff – Your biggest brand ambassadors our people you employ. Encourage staff involvement in every stage of the branding development, will help then understand the values you are aiming to create and reinforce.

If you are looking for help transforming your brand the team here at Hughes & Co are the perfect people to contact. As a specialist branding design agency we excel in providing clients with a brand that they can build on. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.