Corporate Identity & Branding Design London – Hughes & Co Design

If you’re a London business or organisation looking for corporate identity or branding design services, you may find it worth your while to look outside London for a brand design agency.

Here at Hughes & Co Design we have a strong track record for delivering business branding services for a range of organisations across different industry sectors. As you’d expect, a lot of our clientele is local to the Essex area, but we also have experience of delivering to clients based in London and elsewhere in the UK.

Our service covers all aspects of corporate identity design including:

Logo Design

While your logo is only a relatively small element of an overall corporate identity, it is still an essential one. For many established London businesses, the challenge is not to come up with a new logo, but to adapt or refresh an existing logo as there is inherent value in the existing brand. Logos need to work in a wide range of situations including in print and on digital platforms, or even vehicle signage.

Colour Palette Design – Colours can send powerful, unconscious messages about the type of company you are, before you’ve even said a word. We can create a distinctive colour palette for your brand, including core colours and accent colours for use in particular ways.

Fonts – The choice of font can make a brand feel traditional or contemporary, safe or exciting, conventional or rebellious. We can recommend the use of an existing font or design a unique, bespoke logotype font especially for your company. We can also advise on choices of font in situations where a bespoke font cannot be used, such as on web pages.

Graphic Elements – Using a distinctive graphical style and even photographic style can help to give a sense of consistency and coherence within and between different types of corporate communications, from websites to business cards to product catalogues. If necessary we can design bespoke graphic symbols that need to be used frequently in literature or online, such as buttons for shopping functions or icons for product characteristics, all using a consistent style and using the corporate colour palette.

Branding Guide – If required we can document your corporate identity in the form of a branding guide for use by others inside or outside your company. This ensures that internal departments (e.g. marketing, sales, HR etc.) can produce documents and other communications consistent with the corporate style. It also gives you freedom to commission future work using your choice of agency for specialist design or communications projects (e.g. packaging, sponsorship etc.).

Whether you’re a large, established company or a start-up, branding and identity is critical to your business – it’s your public face and therefore important to get right. That’s where we come in! Whether you require a small or large project, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.

We don’t see being out of London as a negative; in fact, it’s a very big positive as we can keep our fees lower. Although we’re always happy to meet clients to talk things through, a lot of our work is undertaken using email, skype, telephone and other technologies that keep projects moving in the right direction.

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