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Never Mind Post-Truth – Get Ready for Post-Digital

Digital marketing methods have grown and become ever more dominant over the past 5-10 years. As well as website and email marketing, mobile marketing has become increasingly important, together with social media channels. But now key industry trend spotters are […]

Christmas comes early for Hughes & Co Design

Christmas may just have come early for Hughes & Co Design – shiny new iMacs have arrived and are ready to be set up over the next few days. These are just a small part of our ongoing investment plans to help […]

Making the most of your social media

Managing a social media account can seem a very daunting task; from DMs to hashtags, emojis to gifs, social media has opened up a new wave of communication for individuals and business alike. Knowing how to utilise social media, and […]

Responsive Web Design – What You Need to Know

Responsive web design has become the standard way of designing websites over the past couple of years, as a way of ensuring that a site is readable and usable on a range of viewing devices, from smartphones to large PC […]

Sign on the electronic line

We’ve all got some form of signature, whether it’s a barely legible scrawl, or a beautifully penned flourish, but in a fast moving world of ‘everything now’ signing a document on screen is sometimes just what’s needed. Here at Hughes & […]

The Hamburger Icon – So what exactly is it?

The Hamburger Icon has become and increasingly frequent visitor to our shores, spotted regularly on our smartphones, tablets and computer screens – but what is it, who designed it and what exactly does it do? Who invented the hamburger icon? […]

Why website security should be one of your top priorities.

Your website security should be one of your top priorities, but did you know that it is Google’s top priority as well? That is why in 2014, Google called for something called  HTTPS to be used universally across the worldwide […]

Do you need a mobile friendly website?

On 27 March we sent out an email asking “Is your website fit for mobile?” as we geared up for Google’s planned role out of it’s algorithm on 21 April. This change boosted the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile […]