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Wordless Internet?

Before you ask, no we haven’t gone completely mad! If you’ve ever wanted to browse a wordless internet, you’re not alone. Yes we literally mean turning the internet into a massive picture book! Martin Grasser shares your woes (and aspirations). […]

Basic SEO

First off, what does SEO even stand for? Silent elephant oscillations? Silky egg omelettes? No… It actually stands for Search engine optimisation- but what even is that? In practise, SEO is centred on the concept of increasing the quantity of […]

Why Bother With Pinterest for Business?

Why bother with Pinterest for Business – Reasons To Get Pinning! First off, lets look at a few numbers; there are over; 250 million active monthly users, 175 billion images and a whopping 98% of users try, buy and test […]

Website Basics: Domains, Hosting & SSL

Domains: Or a “domain name” is your website name that appears in the search, or URL bar. For example, our domain is and is totally unique – a bit like a mobile number. Domains are typically anything from £5-£1000/year […]

Understanding the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

As more companies seek to exploit the Internet as a platform for commerce and advertising, the stakes have never been higher to have a totally functional, intuitive and customer focussed site. Understanding the Benefits of WordPress Maintenance: Over the last […]

Never Mind Post-Truth – Get Ready for Post-Digital

Digital marketing methods have grown and become ever more dominant over the past 5-10 years. As well as website and email marketing, mobile marketing has become increasingly important, together with social media channels. But now key industry trend spotters are […]

Christmas comes early for Hughes & Co Design

Christmas may just have come early for Hughes & Co Design – shiny new iMacs have arrived and are ready to be set up over the next few days. These are just a small part of our ongoing investment plans to help […]

Making the most of your social media

Managing a social media account can seem a very daunting task; from DMs to hashtags, emojis to gifs, social media has opened up a new wave of communication for individuals and business alike. Knowing how to utilise social media, and […]